More. Everyone wants more. Your boss wants more. America wants more. You demand more. More stuff. More money. More technology. Better. Even your grandma wants more from you. More visits, more time. More. Everything.

I’m guilty, too. I’ve fallen susceptible to the more conundrum. I’m a driven man. Pushing forward to gain exactly what I think I want or need. In reality, sometimes less simply is more. I’ve pushed myself into walls. Off of cliffs. In wrong directions and in right directions. All for more.

As we embark ever deeper into the new year, instead of more, I hope that my friends, colleagues and loved ones accept focus and balance instead of more. I read something, somewhere (Warren Buffet, I believe) that someone asked what were the best practices to achieve your goals and be incredibly successful. To which the individual was asked to write down 20 of the top things that he would want to achieve/lend focus to. Then he was asked to narrow the list down to only five of those focuses. Of which he was then instructed to avoid the other 15 “interests” at all costs.

We only have so much time and resources. Make your list of five. Revisit. Follow your heart and focus. Anyone can achieve what they aim to accomplish. It’s a matter of understanding more is less of the other stuff and more of the big five.

Pardon me while I grab more coffee.


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